Newspaper slanted too far liberal left

Amazing: an issue has two different perspectives based on your political identity: conservative vs. liberal, capitalist vs. socialist. What are these perspectives based on? It seems to me, it’s one word: background. But then background has many, many variables. I think the main one is education and the second is media. This brings up The Maui News, which to me, is slanted and defined almost totally liberal.

However, a guest editorial from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review recently wrote “The Black & White of Guns” and stated at the end that “Important issues are never black and white. It’s not fair to paint them that way,” and the author did pay a fair observance to the conservative side. Most often the Associated Press and other guest journalists that are published in The Maui News are totally on the liberal side. I hope that with a new publisher, we will be able to read more journalistic coverage that presents both sides or even some articles that are totally conservative, along with some that are totally liberal.

And while I’m writing, I’d like to add that my husband wears his MAGA hat with pride anytime he is out in public. He will probably add new “Go Trump” apparel in this 2020 campaign with hopes of seeing more people joining him, including me!

Marlene Singlehurst



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