Pray for prisoner needs and those of their families

There’s a strength greater than our own, when we allow the Holy Spirit, the truth, to lead us with faith and justice. We become stronger and seize life to work with special and unique ways to make our world a better place. Our mission: To be kinder and more godly as we inspire and salute special and selfless people who provide and heal communities in every way they can.

With 76 years of life, I recall the souls who shared their testimonies and prayers for us, Al and Chaplain Pua, who volunteers in all facilities that hold sentenced Hawaii residents since 2000. All tears and hearts warmed with expressions of gratefulness, as we prayed together at several family funeral services this year. We pray for their needs, faith, healing and salvation.

Matthew 7:8, ” . . . Prayer is the key to Heaven, but faith unlocks the door . . .”

Rev. Henrietta P. Stempler-Hashimoto



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