Utopia on Maui relies on ‘whatever’ mindset

What is the most important word on Maui besides “aloha”? “Whateva.”

Recently, I told this to someone who had moved here one year ago. He is a very responsible person who always tries to do the right thing.

Having lived here for 25 years, that is one of the things that makes it so great. (Yes, I know the wonderful tropical weather and the stunning natural beauty doesn’t hurt either.) But to a large degree, as long as you abide by our laws, you can be free to do whatever you want to do.

I applaud the state for moving to voting by mail, which will open the door to more voters.

In 2009 I wrote the pamphlet, or mini book “Creating Mauitopia: Making Maui a Real Paradise” (updated edition available for free at mauitopia.org).

Whateva. Many of us believe we can create the ideal society of Mauitopia on Maui.

Ori Kopelman



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