County’s virus precautions fall short, shows priorities

Maui County’s recent Facebook posting of photos showing their employees wiping down counters along with photos of efforts by a local tour bus company and airport staff taking precautionary measures is an affront. That’s not what anyone would consider a proactive plan by the county to protect residents. It’s good to know that some areas of the county building are being cleaned, but what about us?  We have a disconnect here.

The mayor announced new sweeping powers that enabled the administration to take meaningful and aggressive action to protect us, and yet we’ve not seen any kind of major coordinated effort. Perhaps, enlisting voluntary support by local business in providing standard recommended safeguards would be a start. Nor have we seen evidence of a coordinated effort to assure visitors that we are doing everything we can to safeguard them. Other more serious plans are not in place in the event of a larger problem here.

Residents have requested firm plans by the county to safeguard our health and to date, this is where we are at.

It looks as if we have an elite group of executives in the county who are not putting the interests of residents first. Given the massive amount of commercial and retail development on island and in Wailuku specifically, while residents struggle to afford to live here, makes it clear where their priorities are.

Nick Drance



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