Enforce laws against DUI whether alcohol involved

Fast approaching is April 20, known as 4-20, the day the pot culture celebrates marijuana, by publicly smoking marijuana and marijuana parties.

There is a significant increase in driving fatalities nationwide on 4-20, equivalent to the increase seen in driving fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday, well known for impaired driving deaths. I urge citizens who want safe streets and sidewalks to join me in encouraging officials to support DUI checkpoints and/or saturation patrols around all 4-20 gathering sites.

Also, support public announcements by members of law enforcement about the risks associated with DUI cannabis driving. Promote “Drive High, Get a DUI.” This will help alert the public about other drivers who will be on the roadway with them, and to help them identify impaired drivers for law enforcement.

Finally, impaired drivers today are likely to be under the influence of not only alcohol, but other recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine, meth, opioids.

Whatever the drug or combination of drugs drivers are under the influence of, impaired driving is a major cause of traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

Join me in supporting Maui Mayor Michael Victorino’s quest to reduce Maui’s traffic fatalities to zero by the year 2030. Keep drugged drivers off our roadways, including stoned potheads celebrating 4-20.

Jerome Kellner



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