Fake prostitute cop destroys lives of many

A cute cop dresses as a prostitute and hangs out near a school to lure lonely men. She makes it obvious she’s offering sex for a price, uses her beauty, personal skills, experience and cop training to offer explicit sexual services. She negotiates a price, takes the money, then calls in her team to arrest the sucker. Sounds like entrapment to me.

One of the 10 suckers was a drug dealer. Good catch. The other nine? Guys who wanted sex and were willing to pay for it. No rape, nothing forced, no threats, just an offer and a mutually agreed on transaction with a professional.

These men were entrapped and their names, ages and homes published in newspapers and on the internet. Their lives, marriages, families, employment, all destroyed. Their wives will be shamed. There will be divorces. Their children will be mocked in school and on the playground. The incredible pain and suffering will last a lifetime and through generations.

I’ve never been with a prostitute, but I’m not dead yet, just 77, single, lonely and deaf. It’s unlikely any cute female is going to jump into my bed. Unless I pay for it.

A real prostitute gives brief pleasure and comfort for money. A fake prostitute cop tries to destroy as many men, women, children, marriages and families as possible, forever, without a trial. How will the cops feel if some of these men or their wives or children commit suicide?

And she’s paid by her pimps. Us.

Buck Joiner



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