He has to be removed for he is our greatest threat

When I was a little boy my grandmother told me how important the truth was, as well as the importance of honesty. She taught me about character and the reflections we give of ourselves and about first impressions. It all started within us — who were we going to be?

What choices would we make in life and how would they affect our lives, as well as the lives of others? Would we be true to ourselves first so that we could be true to others also? She said it was about love and taking care. And she left me with these words: “Grandson, always remember; the truth shall set you free,” and I’ve never forgotten those wise words.

Especially in these times we find ourselves in and the divisions from within and the incredible negativity that is being spewed out from the highest level of our government, but the lies, the near constant lies . . . there’s a real sickness there.

One that is many times more dangerous than any virus. One that spreads hatred and encourages intolerance and violence. One that attacks the truth and desecrates the rule of law as it tries to shred the greatest Constitution in the history of the world.

He has to be contained and he has to be stopped and he has to be removed, for he is our nation’s greatest threat, without a doubt. We can be great again, but not with him.

Jimmy Muschietti



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