Isolation is best way to prevent spread

I understand the fear of panic. Yet downplaying the extent of COVID-19 on Maui risks overwhelming the medical system here and increasing fatalities.

People put off isolating if they think there is only the handful of cases reported by the media. People with the virus don’t think it could be that, and don’t attend to it and protect those they love by quarantine.

The truth is hardly anyone is getting tested. Also, as of March 17, the turnaround time on testing was eight days, which is a long time in a pandemic. My doctor’s office told me they have been getting a lot of calls. She said, “I think there are a lot of people walking around with mild symptoms.”

The brave, wonderful nurses at the testing station by Maui Memorial emergency room said people are coming and they are sending the most severe cases to the emergency room. However, they are restricted as to who they can test and only test those most at risk. The number of confirmed cases does not reflect the reality. Isolation is the best way to prevent the spread. If we take this seriously, Maui will be much better off.

Chandrika McLaughlin



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