Many of us feel let down with county response

It’s important that residents take note of how state and local government has responded at this time. I and others feel let down.

So far, we have seen copy and paste responses from the mayor, of directives issued from the state. Mind you, county government officials are paid more than the counterparts in Honolulu.

The mayor was given $6,000,000 in emergency funding without a plan on how it would be spent. There is no county task force charged with responding to this situation we find ourselves in.

County government should be working overtime to find ways to support residents. For example, recommendations to local businesses to provide cashiers the same protections everyone else receives, ensuring that public restrooms have soap and facilities for the homeless instead of closing them, asking for donations to Maui Food Bank and providing online lists of restaurants who offer takeout and have retained some waitstaff who depend on tips.

Why must residents do the job of government like the Facebook group, Maui helping Maui? Vote in November. Don’t complain if you don’t hold them accountable now. This is Maui. Sometimes aloha takes hard work.

Nicholas Drance



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