Maui Visitors Bureau to be Maui No Visitors Bureau?

Most everyone — including county mayors — thinks it a good idea to stop tourism for the time being but claim we can’t do anything about it.

What we can do is ask the airlines to raise their prices instead of lowering them (they’ll want our business when this is over, won’t they?) and requesting in their ticket buying process that people don’t fly here for pleasure.

What we can do is start enforcing any closures and curfews, so word gets out on the Mainland that we are temporarily not a paradise.

What we can do is a pretty serious screening of incoming humans at airports before they get loose on the island.

What we can do is ask the hotels to shut down and vacation rental owners to stop renting. We can probably make enforceable penalties for the lodging situation.

Believe it or not, I’m going to suggest that with all the money we give them, Maui Visitors Bureau should temporarily become Maui No Visitors Bureau, as they could probably be a big help in slowing things down.

Maury King



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