Real madness lack of testing for COVID-19

The real madness is the lack of testing for COVID-19. Much below other countries.

I called the Maui County Office on Aging yesterday to find out if home health aides who work with the elderly are required to be tested. They said that private companies have no requirements other than their own company policies. I told her that the state should require regular testing of anyone working with the elderly and that the Office on Aging should put pressure on the state Department of Health to do that.

The Office on Aging told me they would call the Health Department and get back to me. On the call back, it was confirmed that the state Health Department has no requirements for testing home health aides. We need to put pressure on the Health Department to better protect high risk people such as seniors. All workers going into retirement homes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, both private and public, should be tested regularly for the illness as a precaution.

Linda Lembeck