Recent letter about President Trump was a warning to all

The recent letter written by Vinnie Linares describing our president’s horrible record was a warning to all. Trump’s inept response was predictable. He disbanded the Pandemic Response Office that could have warned him months before he finally realized we have a crisis on our hands. He was briefed about the potential danger in December 2019. Trump downplayed the serious challenge coming. He is not capable of empathy. He falls asleep during briefings. He will take money from the government for his hotels that are closing.

His supporters think he is handling things well. At this point, it is beyond dumb, it is suicidal. Life isn’t fair and many people who know Trump is a fool will die.

State governors are showing great leader qualities — Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Newsom both have showed an intelligent and pragmatic approach. They empathize, they tell the truth, they believe the science, they care!

David Padgett



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