Return resident quarantine not well thought through

Quarantining Maui residents returning from the Mainland appears to not be well thought through.

Visitors are visitors. Maui residents live here. This developing quarantine plan does not address personal situations, medical issues, diets, and in the end causes more exposure for us to others in that hotel. All resident travelers cannot be lumped into one group. Situations and specific needs should be considered.

We are longtime (over 70-year-old) Maui residents and we are currently on the Mainland in Oregon (for medical surgery reasons) and trying to get home. We have been self-isolating ourselves in a home in Oregon since March 4 and had already decided to self-quarantine in our home on Maui when we get back on April 27 by having groceries delivered to us so we would not have to venture out. We were not looking at a 14-day quarantine for ourselves but one that would go on indefinitely until a vaccine or treatment is developed.

Why would we have to be stuck in a tiny hotel room and have hotel workers deliver our meals when they will be the ones who are increasing our risk of exposure? We are safer and those hotel workers are safer if we self-quarantine in our own home as we live alone. There are no children going in and out of our home as some Maui residents have in their homes.

We object to being discriminated against!

Martin Kenney and Susan Tavares-Kenney



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