Sanders not a socialist in traditional definition

Bernie Sanders is not a socialist as in the old definition, which seeks to take away control of business and replace it with a system of government control, such as communism. Instead he seeks to reach a middle ground between the “top 2 percent,” who have more money than “all the rest of us” combined. He seeks a “social contract” for Americans, known as a social democracy.

Social democracy is a political, social and economic philosophy that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a liberal democratic policy and a capitalist-oriented economy. (Source: Wikipedia). It incorporates health care, housing, education, race, environment and economics.

Do you recognize the difference?

The economic scales are greatly tilted toward the top 2 percent, who incidentally dictate economic policy to our government. Bernie is shaking the foundation, which is based on the “bottom line.”

Dennis Lokmer