Unite Native Hawaiians to follow Lord’s purpose

We pray and encourage all Native Hawaiians to rise and be blessed as beloved, royal blood delivered from broken trusts. 

Stand united as sovereign Native Hawaiians following the Lord’s purpose for all communities of the Hawaiian Islands to be trustworthy, prosperous and administrative in government and social leadership.

All will harmonize while honoring the Hawaiian families and the kupuna, elderly, communities.  Return the Hawaii land to the Native Hawaiian for homesteads and farms. In turn, those Hawaiian blood ohana who moved will return to heal the land and raise generations of Hawaiians. Bury the bitterness and forgive one another!  

NH contractors get busy building the homes and roads! Generations of God’s Hawaiian children and families will anoint the lands!

Bless the road to victory, cleansing the Hawaiian land with the thousands who applied for homesteads for over 60 years!

Pray in unity and return home to Hawaiian land!

Henrietta Pualani Hashimoto



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