EMS responders and hospital are here for you

National EMS Week (May 17-23) usually holds public visitation and offerings to engage our community and our 911 responders. Unfortunately, this was a non-option with social distancing and the public health order. Instead, we share our appreciation to our community. We would like to acknowledge all first responders including fire, police, EMS, public safety, and, Mayor Victorino, Maui offices and departments, emergency management, healthcare partners (Maui Memorial, Hana Health, Kula Hospital, Molokai General, Lanai Hospital, aeromedical service providers, radio and news industries in Maui County) and additional public and private partners that support emergency response.

Please follow the public health restrictions. All your EMS responders and our hospital are here for you. Be informed and stay safe.

David Mendonsa,

Maui County EMS


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