Good reasons to open all parks and playing fields

There are many good reasons to open all parks and playing fields. As of now, it is just some of the parks and only the paths that are available (based on the orders and some of the selective enforcement).

Fields are outside in the healthy air and sun, there is plenty of space for everyone to practice social distancing in the fields. The parks belong to us, the taxpayers and their keiki. Our citizens, especially our youth and athletes, need more than a narrow jogging path, in which social distancing is not as easy to practice as out in the fields!

I am sure most people will agree that the risk of spreading the coronavirus associated with citizens using our fields and parks in a safe way (which they have proven of being capable) is much lower in comparison to the risks that are involved with letting numerous tourists back on the island, without a real effective way to track and enforce the quarantine.

There are many children who do not have their own large yards to play in or access to a beach and I am guessing that most adults do not have a private gym (I have witnessed too many “close calls” with cars and kids while keiki play in parking lots and next to roads).

Mayor Victorino, please do what is reasonable and pono! Opening the parks and fields entirely (with social distancing) makes a lot more sense than losing votes and encouraging civil disobedience.

Kevin D. Grant



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