If government felt pain, solution would be timely

I am amazed at how restrictive both our mayor and our governor still are in their refusal to allow people to go back to work, and businesses to reopen. Obviously, at the outset of this pandemic, we didn’t know exactly what to expect, so there was some justification for the draconian measures taken. The health professionals were forecasting as many as 2.5 million American deaths.

The forecasts were wildly inaccurate. During this 60-day time frame, we have learned a great deal about this virus. There are ways to both minimize the risk as well and some medical things that have shown amazing success in curing those who become infected with the virus.

Now is the time to safely move forward to return to a more normal way of life. Many people need to get back to work in order to avoid a total destruction of their way of life.

However, our leaders are tone deaf to the problem. I believe that the way to get them to really understand the depths of the problems that are facing the rest of the population, every federal and state government employee (except first responders and military), from the president, governor and mayor down to the lowest level employee no longer receive their full salary, and receive only the stimulus money coupled with unemployment insurance.

I am certain that if they were to share in the level of pain experienced by the rest of us, that a solution would be forthcoming in a timelier manner.

Bud Allan



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