It will take time for normal but that is healthiest for all

Several recent letters expressed a concern that the time has come to let Maui get back to some version of “normal.” The writers of “Why so willing to lockstep with governor’s overreach” and “How much longer will they protect us from ourselves?” understand, as do many of us, that those of us in Maui have done our part since March 24th to stay at home, social distance, limit our trips, wear face masks. And with excellent results: very few numbers of COVID cases, few hospitalizations and the incidence curve has been flattened as well.  

Normal in Maui means opening the restaurants, hotels, and all other businesses in June so that tourists will return here, and our many unemployed residents will be able to go back to work and provide food for their families. It will take time for normal to return but that is what is healthiest for us all.

Linda Hartley



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