Join with the Greens for viable third party

The annual Green Party convention May 23 resulted in election of officers and delegates to the national convention.

The Green Party of Hawai’i first successfully obtained a ballot line in Hawaii for state and national partisan races in 1992 and has since secured a place on the ballot. The national party has 10 key values and stands on four pillars of democracy, ecology, peace and social justice.

In recent national polls, 60 percent of those surveyed felt that the United States needed a third party, with only 26 percent of those responding feeling that the Democrat and Republican parties adequately represent Americans.

The Green Party, in various locations, is growing, as voters demand elected officials who are accountable to their progressive and social justice agenda. Throughout the world, Greens are members of parliaments and national governments.

Our national politics are increasingly partisans. Perhaps just 10 states genuinely will be contested in the November race for president. Hawaii, one of those states not in contention and a solidly one-party state, is a fertile ground where voters, frustrated with their limited choices, can make a statement of their desire for progressive change.

It is time for those who feel they have been marginalized and excluded to join with the Greens and form a truly viable, innovative and alternative political party which stands for accountability, sustainability and transparency.

Join us. People! Planet! Peace!




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