Nationwide testing/scanning at all commercial airports

I just read a (May 15) article that our legislature will spend $36 million for temperature scanners at Hawaii airports to screen incoming passengers.

Let’s see, we’ll scan people after they arrive to see if they show one COVID symptom (fever). But what will happen to these people along with the planeload of passengers they exposed to the virus? An ineffective 14-day quarantine at their hotel which they’ll ignore?

What if someone is sick but not showing symptoms? The temperature scanners will let them by, along with all the people they exposed on the plane, to infect our community.

The real answer is giving all passengers and crew a rapid COVID test and temperature scan before they get on the plane to come here. Doing anything less negates the strides we’ve made to mitigate the virus’ spread. In fact, the airline industry should be promoting testing and temperature scanning at every airport to make people comfortable with flying again.

The virus is here to stay, and we need mitigations other than a lockdown to deal with it. Our politicians should pressure the FAA to mandate nationwide testing/scanning at all commercial airports.

Kevin Bridges



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