Reasons to make park a priority in Lahaina

Addressing action requirements, factor in the county budget support for a park on Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate’s 1,200 acres bordering Lahainaluna Road.

Is the action required for public health and safety?

Proximity to schools, homes, businesses, water and electrical infrastructure makes this area vulnerable to fires and flooding disasters.

Is the action required by legal mandate?

Park amenities remedy brush abatement. Park uses are well-matched with the required USACE flood control project.

Is the action required to prevent the loss of an irretrievable resource?

Lahaina has limited open space. Infill projects will eliminate hope of a substantial community park for future generations.

Will the action benefit the majority of the community?

Environmentally, educationally, economically and for exercise and recreation, the park will benefit residents and tourists.

Will the action significantly improve the quality of life of West Maui residents?

A beautiful place to relax and play, developing a park, forests, and urban agriculture will enhance scenic vistas while providing food and fun.

Is the action required for other actions to be initiated?

Irrigating a public park with reclaimed water benefits the greater good. For safety and well-being, allocate Lahaina Wastewater Reclamation Facility funding to irrigate from Kaanapali to Launiupoko.  

Is the action already funded?

Besides KS/BE, funding is possible through commercial enterprises, donors, and park fees.

Does the action have multiple benefits?

Fire prevention, flood control, tsunami evacuation location, reforestation, cultural preservation and public recreation are just a few reasons why to rank a community park on the Kamehameha School/Bishop Estate a priority.

Michele Lincoln



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