Still time to stop brainless ban on feeding feral cats

As the national programs director for Neighborhood Cats, a nonprofit with a chapter on Maui, I completely agree with the sentiment in the letter to the editor published May 19 that banning the feeding of outdoor cats would be cruel, poor policy and ineffective.

But I do want to point out the bill has not yet passed the County Council. It has been introduced by Council Member Riki Hokama and is under consideration in the committee he chairs, Healthy Families and Communities.

There is still time to stop this and, by contacting your council members and telling them what you think, we will. Since its introduction by Maui Humane Society in 2015, high-volume spay/neuter has substantially lowered cat intake to the shelter, a reflection of a shrinking outdoor cat population.

This is the smart, humane way to reach our shared goal of fewer homeless cats. Not a ban which would criminalize the compassionate behavior of thousands of our residents.

Bryan Kortis



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