Tourists from America came here with the virus

So it seems the coronavirus has outsmarted doctors and scientists. The virus is not over till the fat lady sings. Did she?

Hawaii has gone through a second wave of disease and virus brought in by tourists, missionaries who preach on the virus and whale watchers. Came from the Mainland like they did hundreds of years ago. Many Hawaiians died. Recently in America thousands died.

“This is a hoax.” Death is not a hoax. POTUS seems to know not what to do with Kobayashi Maru. Cannot face death like his followers. Afraid of death. I don’t blame China. I blame tourists from America that came here with the virus. Hawaii did not have the virus till a tourist came here. Deja vu.

One righter writes, cannot do this. Cannot do that. One thing MAGA cannot cure is the virus. There is no cure but righter wants to go back to work. To get sick by not wearing a mask. POTUS and “Vice POTUS” now have workers close to them with the virus. POTUS wants to get checked daily for the virus while many cannot even be tested once. Time for one egg to fall off his wall.

Another righter writes about Governor Ige and Maui. Study Hawaiian history and you will see Maui is part of the state of Hawaii. Transplants should study that their ancestors brought to Hawaii a disease that killed many Hawaiians and will repeat.

Michael T. Matoi



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