Unify to build economy based on aloha ‘aina

If we are going to protect Hawaii, we need to care about future generations more than we care about ourselves.

Throughout the years, I’ve been passionate about giving a voice to the things that cannot speak: our environment and future generations. In Hawaii and all over the world, industry is harming our environment at unacceptable levels and our future generations will have to clean up the mess.

For over 40 years, I’ve worked in my community as an individual, without much of a voice or political clout. In 1976, I occupied Kahoolawe to stop the military bombing and that gave me the confidence that we, as individuals, can take on the largest military in the world and win.

We won because of aloha ‘aina. We won because we organized, as a community, to protect our lands. Whether it’s from the military, tourism, or industrial agriculture, we must organize to protect our lands from the negative impacts of industry, now more than ever. If we unify and act as a community, we can make changes that will set our future generations on a more sustainable path.

We now have a chance to rebuild our economy based on the values of aloha ‘aina, instead of the values of extractive industry. It’s our responsibility to our future generations to do so.

I’m running to represent Haiku, Paia, East Maui, Molokai, and Lanai in the Hawaii State House of Representatives because now is the time to put the protection of our lands first.

Check out www.ritte.org for more information.

Walter Ritte



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