Wearing masks, start living again

As we watch the rest of the country open up, we realize that it can mindfully be done. People are not stupid; no one wants to get sick or die from COVID-19. As a state mandate, require all to wear masks when in towns and going shopping. Open retail again. It is time to start living. Social distancing works in public places like grocery stores, it can work in any store environment.

Allow hairdressers to mask and open their businesses.  

Allow restaurants to reopen and allow them to set up more tables outside so that they can stay in business. Some restaurants on the Mainland are removing salt and pepper shakers from tables and installing plastic barriers between indoor tables. Opening restaurants is possible with thought. It is time.

And it is possible to reopen beaches so that people can relax there and recover their sanity. Outside is safer than inside. The science has proven that. The virus is not communicable in pools, open pools. Install rules about distancing families and groups. Initially, have rules mandating group sizes. Open tennis courts and pickle ball courts.

The vast majority of us respect our fellow man. We owe it to one another to walk in love, act responsibly, and start living again.  

Beverle Gardner Ostrofsky



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