Email received from Trump seeks support

Below is an email I received from Trump:

“Friend, I want you to enter for the chance to meet me at an upcoming event.

This is the very first opportunity to win a chance to meet me since our country started reopening, and as one of my top supporters, I wanted to make sure you got the invite first.

If you win, my team will cover your flight, make sure you have a very nice place to stay, and give you VIP access. You can even bring a guest of your choice and we’ll all take a picture together so that we can remember this moment forever.

All you have to do is contribute any amount by 11:59 p.m. tonight to be automatically entered to win this trip of a lifetime . . . Please contribute $42 today to win a chance to meet your favorite president and take a picture together.”

I wouldn’t do anything to support Trump no matter what they offered to pay me. I’m not for sale to this fascist hate monger con man for any price.

Harlan Hughes



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