Governor single-handedly destroyed Maui’s economy

Now that the mandatory quarantine has been lifted for interisland travel, we should invite Governor David Ige to visit Maui so that he can view for himself the ghost towns in West Maui and South Maui.

By refusing to lift the quarantine for out-of-state visitors despite the availability of rapid and accurate testing to prove the absence of COVID-19, the governor has single-handedly destroyed Maui’s economy. Maui is 85 percent dependent on tourism — unlike Oahu’s 40 percent, since Oahu does have military bases and commercial centers.

I am waiting to see if the governor will volunteer to take a 20 percent cut in his own pay, before he tries to cut the pay of teachers and other government employees in order to balance the state budget. Those in the private sector have seen way more than a 20 percent drop in income!

Ben K. Azman M.D.



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