Hana residents want road closed until safe

Yes, Hana as a community does not feel it is quite safe to reopen our road.

We are forced to drive out for things as minor as shopping or as major as medical appointments; some commute for work, others to try and keep their struggling businesses alive.

We live in the most rural and isolated community on this island. We have one medical center, two doctors’ offices in town, one gas station and two stores. One trucking company is the lifeline for our local businesses. Driving to Kahului is essential for us as a community. It is not essential for others to come to Hana and do the tourist “staycation.”

Do not frown upon a community for trying to protect its most precious and fragile commodity which is the people. The people are what makes Hana so special, if staying home and keeping out of Hana is what it takes to protect this rare Hawaiian community, then it should be done frugally and with every resource available.

Until there is a medical plan in place adequate enough to appease the community should an outbreak happen on the east side, the road should remain for residents only and the Maui community should respect that.

Until this day, there remain no ventilators in Hana, and no urgent care facilities. Yet a high percentage of our community could be deemed high risk. I urge people to think before ranting, as if you and your ohana lived here. How would you feel?

Kawika Kaina



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