Kindness topped off with getting jobs back

The belief that one’s freedom has been limited when a government or retailer requires them to wear a face mask contradicts reason.

Do you want to resume work? The economy? Your lifestyle? Face masks allow people to go back to work, out to restaurants, to movie theaters, while significantly limiting potential spread of COVID-19. And it works well only if face masks are worn properly, covering the nose and mouth, not hanging from one ear, when within six feet of another.

We stop at red lights, wear clothes to cover our bodies, submit to airport TSA, along with many other conformances to society, whether it’s because of law, safety or simply kindness. Wearing a properly fitted face mask protects kupuna and the vulnerable. That’s kindness topped off with getting jobs back and food on the table. Food on the table is the greatest freedom, don’t you think?

Kelli Lundgren



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