Restaurant air conditioning should be vented by fan?

I am a retired microbiologist. I regularly read various publications online from the Communicable Disease Center, U.S. Public Health Service. One journal titled “Emerging Infectious Diseases” V26, I7 has an article of interest.

A traveler from Wuhan, China and his family ate at an air-conditioned restaurant in Guanzhou, China. Several people at two other tables in the immediate area were infected with coronavirus. There was some proof that the virus from the table was spread by the force of the air conditioning. This implies that air (air-conditioned or not air-conditioned) should reach any table at a low level and be drawn upward and out of the restaurant by an exhaust fan.

Many other people in the restaurant were tested and found negative for the virus.

The man at the first table had no symptoms, but later became ill, which alerted medical personnel and started the study.

Arleigh Hughes



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