Strong community concern about extending permit

There is strong community concern about the proposed permit extension for the Kama’ole Grand project between South Kihei Road and Liloa Drive in South Maui, being addressed June 23 at the Maui County Planning Commission meeting.

This is bringing seven, four-story buildings into a quiet residential neighborhood, something residents were promised would not happen again. The impacts on traffic, drainage, and the peaceful nature of the neighborhood definitely need to be mitigated before and if this project is allowed to go forward.

If this is built, the affordable units required for the property and provided for on a small parcel adjacent north of the property absolutely need to be built first.

The main entrance definitely needs to be from South Kihei Road, with the (gated) entrance on to Liloa (the connector road) for emergency use or in other times like parades, flooding, etc. The intersection of Liloa and Ke Ali’i Alanui is already congested, could not handle this additional traffic without mitigation and requires easing out across a crosswalk to see oncoming traffic currently.

The developers have pushed the time limit on the permit out twice. Why have time limits on permits if developers can just land bank their approvals and keep getting new extensions instead of submitting a new application considering existing conditions?

South Maui needs affordable housing, not another huge, impactful condo project that will impact the community negatively for years to come.

Mark Joiner



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