Through the looking glass, American change apparent

An acquaintance of mine, in reference to letters to the editor, remarked, “why would an individual whose beliefs/ideology differ from others call them traitors, demons, conspiratorial bats, anti-Americans, toxic domestic enemies, etc.? The new law of cause and effect, I ventured.  

Cause: Dramatic, convenient grammar alterations have occurred: the new majority is now the minority (two presidents recently got elected with fewer votes); popular became unpopular — one man, one vote abolished; main street is now Wall Street; patriotism — party affiliation; spirituality — religiosity.        

Effect: Idealism now fascism; unions — divisions; justice — just us; democracy — chaos.

Facts: Facing Congress, tobacco CEOs swore nicotine is not addictive; John McCain is no hero — he got caught, said “the draft-dodger in chief;” Flynn and Manafort are good people, unjustly mistreated — Obama and Biden should be in jail; and the president said he knows nothing of David Duke and his KKK affiliation.    

In 2020, millions witnessed a lynching on live television. The executioner, hand in his pocket, casually murdered a handcuffed George Floyd.

Fox News, fanatical backer of the insulter in chief, drew a parallel between the timing of Mr. Floyd’s assassination and the stock market climbing to new highs. Grotesque! Subsequently, Fox News apologized.  

The concept of a fuhrer leading a superior race is alive and well. Dr. Martin Luther King’s advocacy has been shamelessly  dishonored. We are all guilty and as long as we are pointing fingers outward and never inward, the outcome could very well be a cataclysmic economic depression.

Without principles, no system can forever breathe.

Alain Mei



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