Waihou Springs trail littered with poop bags

Maui residents have been fortunate to have easy and open access to trail systems during this health and social crisis, allowing folks much needed exercise and exposure to the outdoors.

In particular, the Waihou Springs trail offers close proximity to Makawao and is a casual walk (though exercise caution when descending to the springs) to a water system and drainage.

Hikers with their pets actively have used this trail since March. As a resident of Piiholo and daily walker of this trail, I would be remiss if I failed to encourage pet owners who hike the trail to take an extra step and remove their plastic poop bags.

I applaud those dog owners who make the effort to pick up after their animal poops on the trail; however, many bags are left. I am genuinely confused about the decision to leave the bag, too, because clearly it would be better to leave the poop by itself to decompose rather than bag the poop in plastic and leave the plastic.

Why even make this effort in the first place? This indeed is the worst-case outcome, and indeed the trail has been littered with uncollected garbage for many weeks now. I highly encourage hikers with pets either to bag the poop and pack it out, or to leave the poop to decompose.

Sweep it off the trail if feeling spry. If the poop bags continue to accrue on the trail, it not only makes the trail unpleasant, but also demonstrates how ill-educated and indolent the general public is.

Scott C. Strohecker



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