Wearing mask helps businesses stay open

I don’t like wearing a mask. You probably don’t either. But when such a simple thing as that, combined with social distancing, can help assure your favorite restaurant or bar may stay open and survive for the long haul, isn’t it a no-brainer?

Wearing a mask will allow you to get your haircut at your favorite salon, travel by air to visit friends and family, go shopping for necessities and enjoyment, workout at your favorite gym or swim in your favorite pool.

Masks may be the key that eventually unlocks large social gatherings, movies, concerts, big-time sports, so we can cheer for our favorite teams like the good old days!

More importantly, masks may be the catalyst to re-opening our economy so we can begin to welcome visitors back to our beautiful island. There will be jobs again, kids back in school. Our kupuna and keiki alike will feel respected and protected when masks remain the norm. We will be able to again embrace our beaches, our sunsets, our luaus, our backyard barbecues with friends and neighbors.

Yes, it will be a new “normal,” but one that replicates the “old” normal better than sheltering in place or living in fear of a spike in the virus, which could effectively shut everything down again. Really, is wearing a mask that big of a sacrifice? Besides, it’s a great way to learn to smile with your eyes.

Michael Blaz



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