Appreciation for help opening Makena parking

Living here for 34 years, I feel so blessed to be on the best place on the planet.

My 2-acre farm donates a lot of food to the food bank of Maui. I had an idea opening the parking lot at Big Beach. I spoke with Larry Pacheco of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources in Maui County. He help connect me to Curt Cottrell, his higher-up in Honolulu.

Even though Mr. Cottrell works for the state, he is a person that is for the people of the state. He stepped up to the plate to help me get everything in the right direction to get the parking lot open.

We are so fortunate to have this person on our team! I also want to thank Manny and Charlene for supplying the Porta Potty’s at a great price. They were so pleasant to work with.

I also want to thank The Maui News for publishing my last letter and educating people on what’s going on in Maui. Without The Maui News, we have no connection to each other. If you can, buy a subscription for a friend help keep The Maui News going!

Also, I want to thank Brent Bree and Douglas and all you other contributors who helped make this event happen. Search porta potties Big Beach Maui at gofundme.com. Thanks again. I appreciate all of you.

Peter Sisco



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