Boots on ground shaped direction of The Maui News

I have been a subscriber to The Maui News for about 17 years. I rely on it for my daily information and updates on everything from neighborhood burglaries to Supreme Court decisions. It is incredible that my local paper — The Maui News — has survived the systemic demise of community newspapers across the country.  

I attribute this to the commitment of the local staff, whose boots on the ground have shaped the direction of the paper for generations. They live here; many born and raised here in our state, and on this island. They are the pulse of our community, reflected in the pages of The Maui News.

It resonates. We want to read it, share a story with our friends and family; feel proud, scared, inspired, delighted, sad, skeptical, impressed and involved from our daily dose of Maui News and beyond.  

The continued success of your paper depends on its deep roots into the community. An enlightened company will realize this.

Paula Loomis



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