Cook brought disease, tourist travel will bring more

Hawaii had no disease until Capt. James Cook came to visit. Missionaries and whalers followed.

More disease came.

What if Cook and crew wore masks? Many Hawaiians would still be alive, today. Hawaii was a “Garden of Eden” till Pandora’s Box was opened and could not be closed.

Since Hawaii is isolated with small amounts of cases, many tourists and transplants come to Maui. Each time, there are new cases. Daily, Oahu has new numbers. Maui has a few since many come to Maui.

There was one, then came two and so on. Many on Maui will be infected and many will die, since there is no cure for COVID-19. Deja vu all over again, hundreds of years later. The only way is to close doors to visitors till there is a cure for this pandemic.

This pandemic will end in November.

Michael T. Matoi



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