Democrats complicit in violence by anarchist

The Democratic Party is complicit in the violence and destruction perpetrated by the anarchist on the Mainland. They are complicit by acquiescing to all this mayhem and not condemning and curtailing this destruction. This violence exists primarily in Blue states and cities which have been controlled by Democratic Party politicos who have been in control of the local governments for generations.  

The area of attack is the rewriting of our history and condemning our Founding Fathers because of their human frailties. Included in this destruction is the tearing down of statues and monuments of individuals who these anarchist call racists.  

This is the same ploy Stalin, the communist, used to destroy the Russian monuments of old and to rewrite the Russian history. No one has called these people of history perfect beings. But let us ask ourselves, how many of these Democratic Party anarchist are murderers, rapists, thieves and arsonists?  

This November vote wisely. Do we want to maintain our God-given freedoms or be controlled by a totalitarian government that regulates your every daily move?

Abelardo Corella



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