Don’t forget animals in need during crisis

As a frequent visitor to Maui I have been keeping up with the news and the impact of the current pandemic on this beautiful island. I realize how many residents are suffering both emotionally and economically due to COVID-19. But I would beg people not to forget about the animals in need on Maui.

On our visit to Maui last year, we were fortunate enough to visit 9th Life Hawaii and meet Phyllis Tavares, the executive director. It is truly a no kill rescue and sanctuary. We were so impressed with the quality of care at the shelter. We love cats and have worked with many individuals and shelters, but have never seen the dedication and love that Phyllis has. She is truly compassionate about saving the cats.  

With the current pandemic, donations are in extremely short supply. Cat food and monetary donations are needed in order to keep the sanctuary up and running. More information can be found on the website: www.9thlifehawaii.org.

Mary J. Linke

Centennial, Colo. 


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