Fireworks contradiction on safety, health care

Talk about a major contradiction on safety and health care for COVID-19 prevention with the fireworks and illegal aerials allowed to go on.

The air became bad. Smoke and extreme noise. No one or very few wore a mask.

Someone has to die before they stop this illegal action. A house in Lahaina burned down but not before putting on an early Fourth of July fireworks display.

One of several days a year, not going to be so bad, cope with it, I was told. One day, my home may be burnt down.

Illegal storage of fireworks in homes; I should say now one needs to have a permit to store fireworks at home and have proper equipment to store.

COVID-19 testing is being used to weed out those who are asymptomatic. True, one who takes the test can still get the virus. I rather take the test and know at that moment I am not positive and not be able to get another sick.

Michael T. Matoi



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