Keep eye on ball, keep Maui safe

There is a lot of information about COVID-19 out there — where it came from, who gets it, how it’s transmitted and so on. If you are focused on where it came from or are still in doubt about the efficacy of wearing a mask, consider this:

Let’s say that the “way” the virus was created is a tennis racket, and the “virus” is a tennis ball. The ball has been hit (launched) by the tennis racket and is now out in the air (literally). It is going to hit you, unless you move out of the way or take precautions. But most people are standing around looking at the racket, discussing it, talking about how it did it. They’ve lost focus. The racket is a big distraction. The ball is going to hit them, but they don’t see it coming because they are focusing on the racket. Then the ball hits them, maybe bounces off and hits another person. Those two people become balls who hit two or more other people.

Lots of people are still standing around, pointing at and talking about the racket. That is the true problem. The problem becomes: how to coordinate large groups of people to avoid the ball. There has to be cooperation, and agreement in the agreed method of avoiding the ball. If the ball hits no one, it stops. It’s over.

This can be done, actually. And easily.

If we all keep our eye on the ball, maybe we can keep Maui safe as well.

Elizabeth Hird



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