Lot at stake here when opening travel

I can understand why some folks get upset right now when they see tourists here on Maui now. It’s also not hard to imagine how that could and maybe does become confrontational and abusive.

I have even noticed in myself some contraction and annoyance to see a tourist at this time. This annoyance, fairly quickly, turns and points at our local and state governments.

Apparently, an economy heavily dependent on tourist dollars is a big enough reason to allow the airlines, hotels, car rental companies and the myriad number of related and dependent businesses to jeopardize the health and safety of Hawaii’s people.

Who’s going to go to work, even when more businesses are operating, if more people are getting sick? Anyone paying attention can see that the virus is out of control on the Mainland.

We can also see Hawaii is having a very different experience. Maui’s bubble of safety is quite thin and vulnerable. As more tourists are loose on Oahu, the cases there have been on the rise.

Now allowable interisland travel is possible and there is no required quarantine for interisland travelers arriving here. So, we’re seeing more tourists here on Maui.

As well, it has been shown that ensuring that all Mainland arrivals here who are required to self-quarantine for 14 days is unenforceable.

There’s a lot at stake here folks.

Rev. Bodhi Be



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