No right to compromise so that tourism can open

I am 75, single, independent, in fairly good health but on the diabetic scale, and live fairly isolated in Kula.

With great care, and not without some challenging moments, I have strictly followed all of the recommendations made to help stop and curb the spread of the virus. I was all alone for weeks isolated in my house but dedicated to ensuring that I and my fellow community members were safe. Maui did a good job!

However, there are now forces who wish to compromise my life and others as well to “protect” the economy by suggesting the risk is now minimal if certain procedures are followed, procedures filled with holes.

The first and foremost duty of our elected government is to protect its citizens and that means absolutely no compromise with their lives, no risk assessment percentages used and no possible threats to our children’s health. Death is final, an economy is not, nor is it unreasonable to believe that everyone can be taken care of until there is an appropriate solution.

That requires strong political leadership! My government does not have a right to compromise my life so that a hotel can stay open or so planes can fly. My life, what is left to it given my age, is not for sale or negotiation for business interests. Nor is yours.

Stop any opening of Maui until we have airtight guarantees that are safe — and they exist because we have seen them elsewhere. Are we wise enough to make them, or better yet, demand them from our government?

Vinnie Linares



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