Plan totally ridiculous, doomed to failure

Simply put, “The Plan” is totally ridiculous and doomed to failure. I hardly know where to start.

So the state is going to create an alliance with some still unknown entity to test all visitors (and returnees) to Hawaii for COVID-19 72 hours prior to departure and get results within that time frame.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past several months, you know that testing still faces many challenges – and that’s for those with symptoms of the disease. Major League Baseball is trying to get some semblance of a season going, and it is already shutting down training facilities because it’s taking seven to 10 days to get test results. It seems doubtful that those wanting a vacation in Hawaii will take priority over those who really need the tests.

Of course, the option for travelers is to choose the 14-day quarantine instead (ha-ha). Although the state has had five months to come up with new software to service the 200,000 unemployed and failed, no doubt they will develop a software in the next two weeks to track 35,000 people flying into the islands daily, or 3,500 or 350 for that matter.

Our governor is assuring everyone that our medical facilities are more than ready to handle the inevitable spike in COVID-19. Really? Maui Memorial has 29 ICU beds. They will likely be filled in a few short weeks, if not days.

Unfortunately, it is a problem without a solution. Perhaps our higher power will provide answers for us.

Michael Blaz



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