Reference to ‘janitors’ insults school custodians

Your recent editorial about the Hawaii public schools reopening plan was, as usual, a “middle-of-the-road “ approach to our problem.

This is not a “liberal vs. conservative” issue.

But what really burns my butt is how you mistakenly refer to our excellent public school custodians as “janitors.”

Traditionally, “janitors” work at airports, office buildings and shopping malls. They are not custodians.

Custodians, in contrast, hold all the keys to the campus, and have the responsibility to open and close the campus daily.

Look up the definition of “custodian” and you will find words such as: steward, guardian, caretaker, watch dog, protector, keeper and overseer.

I believe you owe our fine school custodians an apology.

Mark Smith



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