Tale of infection aboard vessel of intrigue

A surly captain with questionable morals recently led an overcrowded ship out to sea. After a few days, a strange pestilence appears among the ship’s crew.

The vessel’s doctor isolates the congested individuals, but this hinders the functional capacity of the ship.

The somber doctor reports to the bemused captain that a vaccine, if possible, would only be available in a distant port, many months journey away.

The captain, apparently never achieving the balance of the sea, stumbles away to discuss the matter with his officers. After a spirited discussion prosecuted in the sailor’s tongue, it is decided by 1 percent of those aboard that the number of people infected and subsequently dying is too small to be concerning.

Therefore, if all of the 99 percent of the ship’s population contract the sickness and recover, a natural immunity will take hold and the virus will simply vanish from the ship. The bronze-skinned captain appears at the helm and in signature bellicose fashion, declares that he will lead the way to the far-off port to get a vaccine.

The dead are to be cast over the side and the remaining crew, adult and children alike, must return to work; the cough, he adamantly insists, is harmless.

The officers will be secluded until the ship achieves a vaccine and it will be up to crew to sail the ship to safety. Looks of incredulity among the crew abound. The doctor silently weeps.

Kevin Spellman



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