Testing protocol for tourists not going to keep us safe

Please try to explain to me how this new program for bringing tourists back is going to keep us safe. Travelers are going to be tested within 72 hours of departure or they can choose to quarantine for 14 days when they arrive.

So, a traveler gets tested and then wanders around their area among all sorts of potentially infected people before boarding a flight to Hawaii.

Then they sit enclosed in a tube with hundreds of others, some of which have also been tested and been wandering around, and others that chose not to be tested but will supposedly quarantine when they arrive.

Also, does anyone in their right mind believe that many of the people that have been arriving and claim to be quarantining are really not going out into the community?

For every one that has been caught by their stupid behavior of posting on social media, there are probably 10 that have just been quiet about it as they break quarantine.

Of course, we need tourism back, but I fear the only way to safely do it until we have a cure or a vaccine is to have all visitors quarantined in one or two hotels that are set-up specifically for this purpose.

Sorry, but watch the cases rise beginning in August and consider what we did for the past few months a waste of time. Let’s hope that our one fragile hospital can handle it.

Neil Felder



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