Wear masks to protect self, as well as the rest of us

Look at you, wearing a mask. You had to, because you had to go into this store. Good for you, following the letter of the law.  

But wait! You aren’t following the spirit of the law. Your mask is down around your chin. Or your mask only covers your mouth and not your nose. 

You may not be worried about catching the virus, so maybe it doesn’t really matter to you. But it matters to me. I wear my mask properly to protect you, in case I’m one of the carriers of the virus who has no symptoms.  

And you should be wearing your mask properly to protect me, in case you haven’t tested positive yet, because you haven’t acquired the symptoms yet. The mask goes both ways: It keeps you from shedding virus, and it keeps me from breathing in the virus you shed. And vice-versa. 

Please, wear your mask correctly, so that it covers your mouth and your nose.  

It will keep both of us safe.

Kathy Kastles



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