Baseless personal attacks victimize Tina Wildberger

I write in response to misinformation about South Maui’s Rep. Tina Wildberger recently published by her opponent in the current election.

The first piece of misinformation concerns Rep. Wildberger’s adherence to quarantine guidance. Rep. Wildberger was never quarantined. So, it is not possible that she violated quarantine guidance.

Regarding adherence to COVID-19 precautions, I’ve personally witnessed her strict adherence to masking and social distancing a number of times. I was in attendance at a meeting with Rep. Wildberger prior to any COVID-19 guidance being issued. Everyone at that meeting held hands without masks for a blessing except Rep. Wildberger. She stood by herself and was the only person wearing a mask.

I’ve been with her on a couple of other occasions. She was always masked and strictly following guidance. It is true that she and her husband were cited for stretching in place on a beach. They were not near any other person and this was during a time when the beaches were open to the public for exercise only. After hearing the full story, the judge dismissed those charges.

The other very inaccurate accusation is that Rep. Wildberger has been “playing” during quarantine. I suppose this references the time when current guidance was to stay at home except for essential activities and exercise. Rep. Wildberger did exactly that.

Describing Rep. Wildberger’s activities as “playing” is a total misrepresentation of a life lived in selfless service to others. Voters are entitled to discussions about issues, not baseless personal attacks.

George Burnette



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